How we do it...

The costs of maintaining the enclosures, feeding and the veterinary health of the lions runs in excess of R200 000 per month. We rely on donations and to a large degree on self funding to cover these costs. All the donations we receive come through GoFundMe & Patreon and to a small degree from direct donations from visitors. The funds are utilised exclusively for the lions sanctuary and are overseen by our auditors.

Donations are used for the following critical (Purposes):

* Annual Vaccinations

 * Veterinarian care when needed

* Additions to ensure an enriched comfortable lifestyle

* Secure and comfortable enclosures (building and restoration of enclosures)

* Fuel and maintenance of vehicles required for the operations of GG Conservation

How you can help...

Please help us protect our Kings and Queens by making a donation. As a non profit organisation your support is greatly appreciated and will make a big difference to the lives of the GG Lions.

Corporate sponsor

Our corporate sponsorship programme offers companies the chance to support the sanctuary as well as to promote its involvement to stakeholders. Through a symbolic adoption, your contributions directly support on-the-ground care at GG Conservation and our work to monitor and protect these lions.

“Adopt a lion”

OK so you don't actually get to take the lion home (which would be risky for obvious reasons), but you do receive a certificate and are more than welcome to visit your adopted lion anytime! A regular update of your adopted animal will be sent to you as well via email


There are 4 ways to help-

1. A one off secure donation using Paypal (Click on the logo below or above)
2. A one off secure donation using our long running campaign on Gofundme (Click on the logo below or above) 3. A regular monthly donation using our Patreon platform (Click on the logo below or above)
4. A payment into our non profit org bank account here in South Africa- Glen Garriff Lions NPC, Nedbank Current Account 1110229712, Bank Branch/code- 108914, Swift Code NEDSZAJJ

Please help us protect our 
Kings and Queens
 Your support is greatly appreciated!